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Sayera Sultana, popularly known as Sayera Reza is a well-groomed, seasoned and versatile Bangladeshi female singer. She has a rare and unique voice signature with a glorious music career for a period over 25 years.

Early Life

Her grooming as a singer started at the age of 10. She studied music in institutions like ‘Bangladesh Shishu Academy’, ‘Abbasuddin Academy’ and ‘Dina-Laila Music Academy’ in Bangladesh, where she took lessons on classical music. She also took advanced musical lessons from legends like Nina Hamid, Pilu Momtaz and Ustad Shamir Chakraborty on Classical, Tagore, Pop and Folk songs.


Sayera is a gifted and enormously talented artist. She became an enlisted artist in national TV channel -BTV and Bangladesh Radio since 1997. Her first solo album ‘Shukher Omil’ was marketed in 2008 from the prominent record label of Bangladesh ‘Agniveena’. It immediately got the attention of the music lovers. ‘Dhar Dharina..’ is a very popular and hugely appreciated song of this album that hit the chart. The album was composed by the celebrity music composer Bappa Mazumder and the lyrics were written by Shahan Kobondho. Her second solo album ‘Ak Nimishe’ was released by country’s another leading record label – ‘Laser Vision’ in August 2010. The music for this album was arranged by Arfin Rumey and the songs were written by various leading lyricists of the country. She also wrote and tuned one of the songs of this album. The work of her third solo is in progress. Her 3rd solo was released on 5 September 2016 by Gaanchill Music. It’s an exclusive album on legendary folk songs where many celebrity musicians from USA and Bangladesh collaborated with her. Apart from the solos, she has also featured in numerous mixed albums. She regularly features in popular musical shows in TV and FMs.

She has collaborated with many celebrity Bangla musicians, singers and lyricists like Shah Abdul Karim, Farida Parvin, Bappa Mazumder, Partho Borua, Rinku, Arfin Rumey, Shafiq Tuhin, Anurup Aich, DJ Rahat and many others. She has sung playback songs in several successful Bengali films, including “Common Gender,” a transgender-Hindu romance film, that garnered national and international acclaim. She sang the hugely famous song of the movie ‘Ore Sona..’.

Sayera has also earned a reputation for being a very strong live-stage performer. Apart from touring all over Bangladesh, she has regularly been invited by Bangladeshi Communities abroad to perform live musical shows in places like London, Birmingham, Swindon, Brighton, Paris, Brussels, Bangkok, Florida, New York and New Jersey.

She is a multi-disciplinary artist. In addition to singing, Sayera was a popular teen-television anchor on several of BTV’s hit programs, such as ‘Amra Notun’ and ‘Shikkhangon’. She has featured in Bangla movies and TV operas as well. Sayera is regularly invited to perform at state-level cultural programs and diplomatic functions.


Technically very sound, Sayera’s rich voice, impressive range, and distinct voice signature have made her unique in the music industry. Especially she is exquisite in Sufi, Lalon and Rock songs.


Sayera has enjoyed both national and international acclaim for her Modern, Folk, and Tagore songs. As a singer of extra-ordinary ability, she won several prestigious national awards and was named the 1988 Ministry of Education’s top folk singer and was awarded gold medals in both Tagore and Folk Songs by the National Cultural Institute in 1991.

She has also won distinguished awards like ‘Vashkor Gold Medal’, ‘Abbasuddin Gold Medal’ and ‘Khelaghor Gold Medals’ etc.


  • ‘Sukher Omil’ – Composed by Bappa Mazumder – Released by Agniveena.
  • ‘Ak Nimishe’- Composed by Arfin Rumey – Released by Laser Vision.
  • ‘Urban Folks’ – Composed by Dean Bohana, Steve Tubin, DJ Rahat, Ahmed Kislu and Shihub Ripon – Released by Gaanchill Music. 
  • Also featured in several mixed musical albums.

Popular Songs

  • Dhar Dharina – Album ‘Sukher Omil’.
  • Holudia Pakhi – Album ‘Urban Folks’.
  • Ore Shona – Movie ‘Common Gender’
  • Barir Kache Arshi Nogor – Album ‘Urban Folks’.
  • Maan Vangabo Bondhure Aj – Album ‘Sukher Omil’.
  • Tui Jodi Amar Hoiti Re – Album ‘Sukher Omil’.
  • Na Na Na Ta Hobe Na- Album ‘Ek Nimishe’.
  • Ak Nimishe- Album ‘Ek Nimishe’.
  • Keno Piriti Baraila Re Bondhu- Album ‘Ek Nimishe’.

Playback Singing

  • Common Gender.
  • Pirates.